Reconnect Sessions

Reconnect Bodywork

Individual Sessions for your inner balance


A reconnect bodywork session includes a holistic work on body, mind and soul, taking into account your current life situation.

We can address different topics such as:

  • Challenges within family, relationship or job
  • Health issues
  • A general feeling of discomfort without knowing the exact cause
  • Desire for inner growth

Benefits of a reconnect bodywork session:

  • Releasing subconscious blockages
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Activating your body’s self-healing powers
  • Transforming old patterns, fears or conditionings
  • Deepening the connection with yourself
  • Allowing your inner potential and creativity to unfold
  • Connecting to your inner joy and lightness

In an individual session I connect to you and your energetic body and work with that what shows on a soul, body and mind level. I am guided by my own intuition in this process and use different techniques from healing and energy work as support.

The individual sessions take place on-site at my studio in Luxembourg.

Studio address:
9, rue de la source
5332 Moutfort

Upon request the session can also take place at your home in Luxembourg or remote via video call.

Session price: 90 EUR

One session of 45 minutes includes the bodywork,
a preliminary and follow-up conversation
as well as the application of therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living.

An additional travel fee applies to sessions at your home.

Reconnect Heart Work

8-Week Program for a deep dive into your heart

Reconnect Heart Work is an 8-week program that helps you to define and deep dive into your heart topic.

If you wish to:

  • Make a change in your career
  • Move out of a stuck or unhealthy situation
  • Find clarity for your path
  • Turn your personal challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Let your inner potential rise

Then our Reconnect Heart Work program can give you the perfect guidance.

Our 8-week-program includes 5 sessions of 75 minutes each in which we define and work on your most important topic.

The sessions will take place via video call or on-site in my studio. Within each session I connect to you and your energetic body from remote and help you to find clarity on your most important topic.

Together we deep dive into your heart, release blockages and let your inner potential rise and shine. We let go of old fears, conditionings and energies that are ready to be transformed. At the same time we focus on your inner potential and talents that are ready to show and incorporate them into your daily life.

There are two weeks in between each Reconnect Heart Work session which provides you with space to process and transform your experiences. Furthermore you will receive selected tasks to recap the sessions at home and you will be guided along the way.

Package price: 550 EUR

The package price includes 5 sessions of 75 minutes each within 8 weeks, selected tasks to recap the sessions at home 
and guidance along the way.


Reconnect Sessions Testimonials

  • "When you meet Sandy the first time and look into her eyes, you can immediately feel that it is something different. You are being seen, in a way that strips your barriers but makes you feel comfortable at the same time. Her modus operandi of assessing energetic disharmony and detaching toxic energetic connections has proven to work very well for me. She is a force of nature, one of the rare healers that care deeply but stay objective enough to make a real impact."

  • "It was a very new and amazing experience for me to have Sandy working as a translator for my body and soul. When Sandy listens, she literally feels every word as if she would experience the situation or emotion herself. With her gentle voice she talked me into a deep relaxation state and guided me through past experiences from my conscious and unconscious mind, helping to release old emotions and energies. A few weeks later the symptoms had almost completely gone. After many years of suffering from a series of acute hearing loss and numerous unsuccessful attempts to heal, I finally felt like regaining my quality of life. In addition I gained a much deeper body connection and awareness."

  • "Reconnect bodywork sessions helped me alleviate accumulated sentiments of professional stress, as well as supporting me to focus on essentials during an important professional transition phase. While I struggle to rationally understand the underlying mechanisms of energy therapy and its impact, I am stunned that even the side effects are positive!"

  • "When I first got in contact with Sandy I was at a very bad point of my life. My self-esteem was so low that I even had suicidal thoughts. With her I immediatelly felt secure. She held the space for me in such an embracing and strong way that I could let myself fall deeply and let go of these negative energies and thoughts. She deeply transformed my inside world and thanks to her I found my way back into life. Also I went to see Sandy for an issue with my daughter. She had problems with her language. She started talking very late and understanding her was really difficult. The session was very playful, funny and powerful. Today my daughter is a story teller and she talks like a waterfall."

  • "I could not be more grateful for Sandy‘s reconnect bodywork. I have been seeing her since October 2021 and the lightness she has brought to my life is an eye opener. She has helped me to de-clutter and sort my past, my emotions, my feelings, and reconnect with myself, my body, my soul, my heart and my environment. It has truly been an inspiration to go this path with Sandy and I will continue my healing journey with her."

    Carine ARCHITECT
  • “The reconnect heart work program is powerful, intense and very effective. It helped me to light up my path and find the job I have always been looking for. I decided to join the reconnect heart work program in 2020 when I was at a dead point in my career and I felt the need to make a real change. We started by identifying one major objective on which we worked in the coming weeks. The way to get there was intense and not always easy. My emotions were on a roller-coaster and I was processing a lot, but I was always looking forward to the next session. I was moving toward my objective step by step, and a few months after we had started the program, I found clarity for my personal path. And I found the job I have always been looking for".


Appointments can be cancelled free of charge via phone or email and up to 12 hours in advance.
A delayed cancellation or no show will be fully charged.

My treatments do not replace the diagnosis or treatment of a physician or alternative practitioner.
However they can always be very well applied to supplement traditional medical treatment and serve to activate the client’s self-healing powers.

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