Sandy Schleider

I believe that everything has its time. That each of us has her or his own life path. Just as every person has its own inner potential that wants to show and unfold.

Life has taught me to trust my own intuition.
To give my heart a voice, a voice that becomes louder every time I listen.
To be grateful for and learn from life challenges that help me to grow.
To support people on their own life path, with all my heart and dedication.

About Sandy Schleider

Since 2013 I am supporting people to reconnect and balance body, mind and soul in a very gentle yet effective way.

Actually my current work unfolded over more than 20 years, starting with a Master’s degree in Social and Economic Sciences and a career as a marketing advisor, developing into working as a social business consultant for Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer of the social entrepreneurship concept. As a social business consultant I was able to contribute to creating social and economic infrastructures in both developed and developing countries. This meant supporting local people in realising their vision and building up a successful existence for themselves and others. And I was happy to realise my own dream of pursuing a meaningful and inspiring work.

However, I still felt totally burned out at the age of 30 already. Many of my old patterns and fears came to light and intensified to the point where I was not able to suppress them any longer. All of my energy was exhausted. I had to become totally honest with myself and look at the different roles I had been playing for years. Most of all, I had to try to understand and feel why I had identified with them so much.

Since I could accept and make use of this collapse as an opportunity, my focus started shifting and my life began to change, in many aspects. This shift was by far not always easy, but it was honest. And more than rewarding. I started to listen to my inner voice and allowed myself to be guided by the wisdom of my heart, and be guided by life. In the following years I did many intense retreats, workshops and trainings in India, Thailand and Bali that enabled me to release what no longer worked for me and to identify what was calling to me. I was lucky to benefit from many profound teachings, transforming experiences and inspiring encounters along the way.

With Hatha and Yin yoga teacher degrees, Buddhist studies and trainings in the fields of healing and energy work, I was able to give my work a form by means of different techniques. Above all, I have learned to trust and be guided by my own intuition. This enabled me to support people to let go and transform old patterns, fears and conditionings – as well as to discover and embrace their own inner potential.

I am offering individual sessions and programs as well as group seminars in Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy and Bali. I also give sessions via video call which enables me to support people all around the world. I continue to further develop my work by doing trainings and to experiment in finding new ways of working with different combinations from the fields of yoga, meditation, intuitive dance, constellation work, tantra and other techniques from healing and energy work. Also each single session, workshop and encounter gives me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to grow on both a personal and professional level.

About Sandy

I am grateful for the beautiful mission of supporting people
to reconnect and realign with themselves, to connect with others,
and to let them feel the power of this connection.

And I look forward to meeting you!

Sandy Schleider
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Individual Sessions
Individual Sessions

Reconnect Sessions

Individual sessions and programs for a balanced body, mind and soul

Reconnect Bodywork

Individual session for your inner balance
Price: 90 EUR
Duration: 45 minutes

Reconnect Heart Work

Individual 8-week-program
for a deep dive into your heart
Price: 550 EUR

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Group Seminars

Reconnect Seminars

Powerful group workshops and retreats for a deeper connection and a greater awareness

Reconnect Workshops

Workshops at Yogaloft Limpertsberg
Price: 54 EUR
Duration: 2 hours

Reconnect Retreats

3 days to 7 days retreats
in Austria, Italy, Portugal and Bali.
Price: from 699 EUR

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