reconnect bodywork and seminars

Individual Sessions

Reconnect Sessions

Individual sessions and programs for a balanced body, mind and soul

Reconnect Bodywork

Individual session for your inner balance
Price: 90 EUR
Duration: 45 minutes

Reconnect Heart Work

Individual 8-week-program
for a deep dive into your heart
Price: 550 EUR
5 sessions of 75 minutes each within 8 weeks,
selected tasks to recap the sessions at home
as well as guidance along the way.

Forsthofalm Yogaraum spring
Group Seminars

Reconnect Seminars

Powerful group workshops and retreats for a deeper connection and a greater awareness

Reconnect Workshops

weekend workshops in Luxembourg
Price: 54 EUR
Duration: 2 hours

Reconnect Retreats

3 days to 7 days retreats
in Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bali.
Price: from 699 EUR

Upcoming workshops and retreats

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Homemade facial masks with natural ingredients,

Natural and energetic products
for a strong and healthy body

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