Reconnect seminars

Reconnect seminars

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Are you looking for a workshop that allows you
to deeply connect with yourself and others?
A safe space that allows you
to connect with your body,
to dive into your heart,
to release blocked energies,
and to connect to your inner joy and lightness?
Then a reconnect workshop is your perfect fit!

A Reconnect Workshop includes a unique combination of yoga, meditation, intuitive dance and other practices from healing and energy work.

It invites you to move your body and to sit still, to enjoy music and to experience silence, to be with yourself and to connect with others. You can feel the power of encountering yourself and others in a very conscious and heart-opening way.

Within only a few hours of time you can release blocked energies, recharge your batteries and return home in an uplifted and energised mood.


Reconnect Retreats

weekend to week long retreats abroad

Are you looking for a space
to breathe and relax?
A space that allows you
to focus on your inner self,
to get to know yourself better
or get connected in a much deeper way?
Then a reconnect retreat may be your perfect fit.

The program includes a series of reconnect workshops with a unique combination of intuitive dance, yoga, meditation, healing and energy work.

Additional treats include:

  • Daily morning yoga and evening meditation
  • Nature hikes and outdoor workshops with breathtaking views
  • Cleansing sauna rituals
  • Use of ‘journaling’ and ‘art journaling’ techniques to express thoughts and ideas on specific topics in the form of writing, collages and drawings
  • Closing workshop including a retreat review and your personal life path outlook
  • Workshop material and a notebook for your journaling practice
  • Accommodation and full board with 3 delicious organic meals a day in selected nature hotels or retreat centres
  • Use of the spa facilities of the hotel or retreat center.

Reconnect Retreats invite you to dive into your heart and to connect deeper with yourself and others day by day. To move your body and to sit still, to enjoy music and to experience silence. To release old patterns, emotions and behaviours which may impede your health and your joy of life. To enjoy the lightness of being and allow your inner strength to shine.

A daily yoga practice helps to deepen the connection to your body, to increase both your muscle strength and flexibility, to enhance your vitality, to develop a calm and deep breath. You will experience both passive and dynamic meditation practices that enable your mind to ease and to focus. Conscious and slow nature walks will train your ability to capture the present moment.

We use daily journaling as a reflective practice in which thoughts and feelings on specific topics are recorded in a notebook. This practice supports you to consciously reflect on what feels good or heavy in your life and what you wish to invite more into your life.

In addition, we use art journaling, a powerful and creative way to express thoughts and ideas in the form of collages, drawing and writing. Your personal art journal can also accompany and inspire you beyond the retreat.

In between workshops you have free time to enjoy your own space and rhythm as well as the relaxing spa facilities of the retreat hotel.

Reconnect retreats take place between three and seven days in beautiful and powerful places in different countries. Check out upcoming and past retreats in Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bali in our news sections or click on the link below.

Lago Orta - Italy Retreat
Casa Kala
Austria Retreat
Forsthofalm relaxation room spring


  • “Sandy’s 2022 winter retreat in Austria was liberating, empowering and inspiring. In a gentle but powerful way, she guided me to reconnect to the masculine and feminine energies within me. I became so clear about my inner potential and about my path ahead. I got more confident to trust my intuition and to manifest my potentials so I can live my life the way it is best for me. Thank you so much for this extraordinary retreat.“

  • “Experiencing a reconnect retreat was very special. I wasn’t sure what to expect if I’m honest as I’ve never experienced a retreat before but I came with an open mind (and heart) and whilst I’m not a practicing yogi, I found I fell into it effortlessly. Connecting with the women in the group was a good experience for me. Both humbling and uplifting. I’m not a person who enjoys groups normally and can quickly find myself needing to ‘squirrel away’ to recharge my batteries but I didn’t here. Sandy thank you for the wonderful experience. Your authenticity, intuition and beautiful persona are what made this special for me. I don’t believe anyone else would have inspired trust in me in the way you did and I truly believe our paths we were meant to cross. I’m sure our paths will cross again one day and meanwhile I wish you much love and happiness.”

  • “Sandy creates and holds space so that healing can take place. If you are willing to receive, you receive exactly what is safe and appropriate for you at that moment, so you can grow and unfold yourself in ease and grace into your full potential. Sandy, thank you for this life changing retreat.“

  • Dedication in Anita‘s book ‚Beautiful Unique Faces‘: "Dearest Sandy. Your incredible retreat in Italy was the catalyst to this book. Thank you. May you revel in your unique beauty, always."

    Anita East
  • Excerpt from Anita’s video testimonial from the reconnect Italy retreat 2019: "I have just completed Sandy‘s 8-day women’s reconnect retreat here in Mandali’s retreat center in Italy and it has been the most profound thing that I have ever done in my life apart from the birth of my children. Thank you Sandy, you have changed my life." Watch full video testimonial in NEWS & EVENTS

    Anita East
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